50 Thoughtful Long Distance Relationship Gifts to Show Your Love

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Long distance relationships can be tough, but when you’re truly meant to be, you’ll go the extra mile to keep that special someone close, no matter the distance. When you can’t be together in person, sending gifts is a meaningful way to show your partner just how much you love and miss them.

With so many long distance relationship gifts out there, it can be hard to find something unique and creative that truly represents your love for your guy or girl. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 50 amazing gift ideas that are sure to bring a smile to your beloved’s face.

Be in Sync

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  1. Dual zone watch: Send your partner a watch set to both their time zone and yours, so they can easily keep track of the time difference between you.
  2. Coordinates bracelet: Customize a bracelet with the geographical coordinates of a special location that holds meaning for your relationship.
  3. Name a star after them: Melt their heart by sending them a certificate naming a star after them.
  4. Countdown clock: Gift a clock that counts down the days until you’ll see each other again.
  5. Heartbeat ring: Stay connected with real-time heartbeats through an amazing heartbeat ring.
  6. Activity tracker: Send your loved one an activity tracker to make a game out of who can take the most steps and receive phone alerts, so you never miss a text or call.

Be Practical

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  1. Luggage: A stylish weekend bag or set of luggage will make traveling to see each other in style a breeze.
  2. Webcam light: Help your beloved shine bright during video chats with a webcam light that ensures the perfect lighting every time.
  3. Portable charger: Ensure that your partner never misses an opportunity to talk by gifting them a portable charger for their phone.
  4. Calendar planner: Fill a calendar with all the dates you’ll be seeing each other in the coming year, including anniversaries and special occasions.
  5. Gourmet coffee: Send them a special blend of gourmet coffee to brighten up their mornings.
  6. Lap desk: Make virtual meals together easier with a lap desk perfect for holding tablets and phones.

Be Sweet

  1. 3D greeting card: Surprise your loved one with a colorful and water-repellant 3D card and a mini-bouquet.
  2. Quote mug: Be the first thing on your love’s mind in the morning with a quote mug featuring your favorite snapshot of the two of you.
  3. Make a book out of your emails and texts: Turn your conversations into a personalized book that they can cherish forever.
  4. Languages of love catchall: Show your love in different languages with a practical and sweet catchall.
  5. His and her pillowcases: Let your love know they’re always on your mind with personalized pillowcases.
  6. Map wall art: Highlight the location they wish they could be with heart-shaped definition of love map wall art.
  7. The key to your heart: Send your guy or gal a vintage lock paperweight as a romantic gesture.
  8. Inspirational print: Send a motivational quote to remind them that your love knows no distance.

Be Personal

  1. Photobook: Create a beautiful photobook filled with treasured memories and favorite photos of the two of you.
  2. Photo magnet: Make it sweet, silly, or romantic with a personalized photo magnet.
  3. Custom photo blanket: Keep your sweetie warm with a personalized blanket filled with your favorite pictures.
  4. Engraved promise ring: Give them a promise ring engraved with a special date, quote, or initials.
  5. USB mixtape full of “your” songs: Compile a mixtape of songs that hold special meaning for your relationship.
  6. Joint journal: Keep a journal/scrapbook together and send it back and forth.
  7. Charm bracelet: Gift a timeless monogram charm bracelet engraved with her initials.
  8. Care package: Assemble a package with all of their favorite things and pictures of the two of you.

Be Silly

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  1. Selfie stick: Stay silly with a selfie stick for fun pictures sent back and forth.
  2. Boyfriend/girlfriend body pillow: Send a big body pillow with a funny twist by adding a photo of you sleeping.
  3. Love coupons: Give your love something to look forward to with fun or frisky love coupons.
  4. Pickup lines: Send a stack of pickup lines, one for every day of the month.
  5. Custom illustration of you together: Have a local artist illustrate a picture of the two of you.

Be in Touch

  1. “Open when” letters: Send a stack of letters to be opened at specific moments, filled with your thoughts and little surprises.
  2. A ticket: The best gift of all is a ticket to see each other in person.
  3. Send a telegram: Channel the romance of the past with a heartfelt telegram that goes beyond the internet.
  4. Customized smartphone/tablet case: Keep your love in mind with a custom case for their devices.
  5. Gourmet fruit box: Send a sweet treat and a sweet note to ensure your loved one stays healthy.

More Long Distance Gift Ideas

If you want to surprise your significant other even more, consider shipping flowers or a gift basket to their work or a place they frequent. It’s unexpected and will earn you extra points!

  1. Bouquet of roses: Choose the color based on the message you want to send.
  2. Wine gift basket: Make it extra romantic by including a video chat date and time to enjoy a glass of wine together.
  3. Balloons: Surprise your loved one at work with balloons that express your love.
  4. iPad stand: Perfect for lazy nights in bed, video chatting.
  5. Charging station: Ensure your loved one’s devices are always charged and ready for a call.
  6. Artwork for their home: Gift a picture of the two of you or a thoughtful piece of art that represents your journey together.
  7. Personalized jewelry: Give them a piece of jewelry with a personalized message.
  8. Photo throw pillow: Be the last thing they see before they go to sleep.
  9. Silver fortune cookie with personalized message: Remind them that you’re always rooting for them.
  10. Roll-up keyboard: A convenient keyboard to bring along when they come to visit.
  11. Fun socks: Get them fun printed socks that represent something you both love.
  12. Scented soap: Create customized soap with their favorite scent.

Remember, the most important thing when choosing a gift is to keep your loved one in mind and give from the heart. We hope these ideas inspire you to find the perfect unique gift for your long distance love. And if you’re in need of more inspiration, check out our collection of thinking of you gifts. Stay strong and keep the love alive!


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